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Mulco (Engineering) Ltd has been providing quality Engineering Services since our founding in 1905. We believe the best way to achieve this is by detailed discussion, planning and agreeing jointly on realistic time scales for the work required.

Company Management
George F. Ferries - Works Director
Patricia Jeffrey - Financial Director
Nicole Jeffrey - Office Manager MA(Hons), MSc(Econ)

Mulco (Engineering) Ltd
was founded by A.R. Muller in 1905, handed down to his son Ernst R. Muller who was MD until his death in January 2007. Originally the company was involved in making agricultural equipment, then agency work motor cycles & cars in 1907 through to engineering tools in 1911, progressing onto dairy & bakery equipment around 1926. By 1939 there was a large demand for a Bun Dividing & Moulding Machine and in 1951 the first Mulco Flour Sifter was patented and used for various powder sifting requirements all over the world. Mulco moved to the present premises at St Machar Drive in 1954 . Demand for the powder handling equipment increased through to 1968 and also resulted in Mulco going into other engineering fields repairing & maintaining civil engineering plant and automotive equipment.

By 1970 Oil came to Aberdeen and the workload increased, with urgency being the watchword even to this day.
Mulco’s engineering abilities, in-depth knowledge and capabilities are held in high esteem by Shipping and Engineering Companies World-wide.

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